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"Mr. Hoffman!!! I had you in 2002-2003 and it is now the year 2016. First off let me start by saying I still have my slideshow CD from 6th grade!! Hoping all is well, you were such an amazing teacher and continue to be!! I wish my daughter would have the privilege to have you as a math teacher!!”

-Vanessa Romero


"Thank you Mr. Hoffman. Your passion for your job and your students is amazing! The time you take, the effort you put forth with, and your desire to keep parents informed and involved is remarkable, and you deserve many thanks.

Nicholas loved you, talked about you often, and you were his favorite teacher. Listening to him and reading all of your emails, I’m thinking 'wow, I wish I had a math teacher like that when I was in school.'

Thank you for all you did with, and for him this year."

-Mitch Redelick


"As you know, I love math and you made this year’s math experience better than it could ever be! From the wheel, to the basketball hoop, your creative ideas don't stop! You made the math environment feel safe for everyone, and you made me become more involved in the conversation to become an even stronger math student.

I loved that you always made sure that if someone was struggling, you would make the time to help them whether it was during math workshop, homebase, homework club, on Skype, etc. The passion that you have for teaching and for your students is incredible. Making every online classroom question have a video at the end in case someone got it wrong just so they can learn from their mistake is insane. The amount of time and effort you put into your work just so students can succeed is amazing.

I absolutely loved working behind the scenes with you! Being able to see what goes into the process of creating your extraordinary Hoffkids website is an honor.

I will never forget you and how much you changed the math world for me and thank you for helping me get into accelerated math. This means so much to me and my family, and wouldn't have been possible without your help!"

-Sophia Kingsley (Kinger)


"You made me the person I am today. Without you, I wouldn't have known the 6th grade math skills. It was just like yesterday that I met you, and now you made me have the confidence to end this year in the Strobey spirit.

I also want you to know that you have a very good gift for teaching me, and trying to help kids like me. You work so hard for us in class and with the Hoffkids website. I felt like we were your kids this year, and loved coming in everyday ready to learn no matter what, because of the inspiration you have given me this year.

Thank you for everything Mr. Hoffman."

-Allyson Strobel (AKA "Strobes")


"Jimmy is graduating this morning and I wanted to thank you for being such a wonderful teacher. You touched Jimmy in such a great way. Because of your dedication and innovative teaching techniques, you enabled Jimmy to reach his potential. He just got his Algebra regents score yesterday and he got a 96. This was result of not only his hard work, but the hard work that you did when he was your student in 6th grade. You lit a fire in him for math that is still burning bright.

Again thank you for everything you did and do. Weber is very fortunate to have such a great teacher!"

-Tracy Karagianis


"Going into sixth grade is scary. Not knowing the school or any teachers is a bit nerve-racking. You made a scary nightmare into a fun delightful dream. If I can do it all again, I'd do it with you. Thank you for the best sixth grade a student can receive.

Being the small kid in such a big room feels lonely. You made me a bigger person in math and also as a person. Middle school was a step up. You made it feel at just the right level. Thank you again for making math my favorite subject. You have allowed me to go past my boundaries. That's all a student can ask for.


-Griffin Jackson


"I just graduated 8th grade today and I really wanted to thank you. I feel it is necessary to say that I am so grateful for all you did for me in 6th grade. I was really struggling in the beginning of that year, and I did not have the best math teacher in 5th grade. However, you helped me rise above and beyond in math. I ended this year with an A+ for all four of the quarters. In addition, I really love and have a passion for math now, and I feel like you are part of why I am so fond for the subject.

I hope you and your family are doing well, and I want you to know you are my favorite teacher. I hope my sister Alexa gets you.


-Angeline Kual


"Thank you so much for being an amazing math teacher! You have always helped me when I needed it and always pushed me to be a better student! I look foward to math class each day because we always learn something cool, fun, and new! Your jokes will always be the best. Thank you so much for helping me get into accelerated math, and I will not let you down."

-Chloe Andersen


"Thank you for being the best advocate to our daughter's education. We are forever grateful. Your passion and dedication to education is a great blessing to your students."

-Djohan and Nancy


"Happy 13th birthday to a great website born to the greatest and most dedicated teacher I have ever met. Our family is so lucky to have you as a teacher for both of my kids.

Wishing you all the best."

-The Guirguis Family


"You are the most thorough teacher I have ever seen...congratulations to you and Hoffkids! You were born for refreshing to see someone loving what they were meant to do. Great teaching and enthusiasm! So impressive. Jaeden loves loves loves math again, thanks to you.

Happy 13th birthday Hoffkids!! We love you."

-Wendy Nunnally


"We are extremely proud of all of Isabella's hard work, effort, and math progress. She actually enjoys math for the first time ever. We truly appreciate all of your support, encouragement, and including us every step of the way. No teacher since her second grade teacher, has been able to achieve what you have with her and be patient and care as much. We truly thank you for that. My husband and I both agree.

Here's to an awesome 2016!!!"

-Jose & Liz Flores


"We can’t thank you enough for what you have done for John’s math skills, his excitement about math and, especially, his confidence through his work with Hoffkids Online Math Tutoring.  Having him work with you was so perfect on so many levels - the technology part, the independence on John’s part to take control of his schedule, the flexibility and ease for us, and, of course, the fantastic math tutoring.  It has been a great run.  

Thank you again."

-Michele & Jeff Hyde


"We feel so lucky to have you as Julia's math teacher, and I think about what school could be like if every child had every teacher as committed to teaching well and making it enjoyable the way you do. Imagine what the world could be like. Thank you."

-Denise Chase


"Thank you so much for always taking the time to write to us parents and keep us up to date and well informed. Also, I commend you for the love and passion to your profession and Hoffkids. I can personally tell you, you inspire my child every single day. He looks up to you and admires you endlessly. He sets goals, short, medium and long term. He wants to be the best he can be. No better first experience in Middle School.

Grateful indeed!!"

-Blanka Monasterio-Redelick


"I am a Middle School Social worker so I very much appreciate all you do both personally and professionally. We are very lucky to have you. Your reputation is phenomenal. We are grateful to have an inspirational, creative, and motivated teacher.

Thank you for taking the time to speak with me as I appreciate your suggestions and insight. I am not used to having a teacher who is so involved and responsive. Usually I have to call many times and send several emails before teachers respond. Thank you again!"

-Stefanie R. Roth


"Happy 12th birthday to the most amazing website I have ever come across! Here's to 12 more years..."

-Laurie Rybecky


"Thank you for being THAT once-in-a-lifetime (or at least Middle School) teacher who loves teaching, inspires kids and parents alike, and creates a lifelong indelible love of learning and specifically, math"

-Michelle and Eric Salzman


"Thank you so much for all that you do and the creativity, passion, and dedication you display for the kids every day! I’ve had the chance to speak with a couple of other parents of kids in your class and they also think you are the most phenomenal and caring teacher. Daniel is truly lucky to have you as his teacher. And we are happy we could help donate in a small way to Hoffkids.

We look forward to seeing the new features on the website."

-Ken Ruskin and Family


"We LOVE what you are doing this year and love that you are motivating Max (and all the kids) so much. You are a great teacher. Nothing is lost on our family, none of us, including Max. I have never seen a teacher more willing to engage students and meet them wherever they may be – it’s a gift that you are giving to everyone, most of all your students. The beauty of giving to children is that they benefit for the rest of their lives, and have the opportunity to turn around and impact so many other people throughout the course of their lives.

Hoffkids is incredible and so impressive. Thank you for all that you do."

-The Mallahs


"You're doing an amazing thing. The teacher from Great Neck who tutored my older girls knew You are a legend at a young age. Eric and I feel blessed having you as Aiden's teacher!!"

-Dara Berliner


"I am beyond impressed with Hoffkids. Seriously. I was showing my principal your site this week...You deserve major recognition over this and your dedication- you should franchise this. Just sayin'."

-Milton Josephs, elementary special education teacher


"We cannot thank you enough for all your dedication. You give your students so many opportunities to succeed. I was very concerned that Lindsey needed remedial math help in the beginning of the year. You told me that you would make sure she got on track and you certainly did. Lindsey's success was all due to Lindsey's hard work and yours. She learned so much more than just 6th grade math; she learned that with a goal and a great teacher, her goals are possible. I cannot thank you enough."

-Lisa Kayne-Smith


"A teacher who inspires kids, makes them enthusiastic about learning, and encourages them positively is priceless! This is who you are and Luke was so lucky to have been your student. He will remember you always as his best and favorite teacher. Thank you for making his 6th grade transition such a positive one and for working so closely with us any time, all the time, day and night. You made learning so much fun, and I will tell everyone about Hoffkids."

-Pam and Gerard Zohouri


"You truly inspired Clara, and for that I am grateful. She will now be a 'math science person' for life. I really enjoyed our conversations email and otherwise. Wish more teachers were like you. You have a wonderful passion and enthusiasm and that translates into being a fantastically effective educator. Keep in touch, I know Clara will come visit you for sure."

-Jared LaCorte


"We are very thrilled with Brandon's progress this year and feel very grateful that he was placed with you. He really admired you and was driven to please you. We appreciate how much you put into your job,, and to the kids. Weber and Port Washington are very lucky to have you, now if we could only clone you for the next few years! I personally appreciate your guidance that you provided to me on several occasions. It was always a pleasure to speak with you. With much gratitude."

-Michelle and Lloyd Lefcourt


"Thank you on behalf of Victoria and my whole family for all of your tremendous efforts this year- for your energy, enthusiasm, dedication to the students, great communication with the parents, and for your constant quest for improvement in keeping up with the ever evolving curricular demands and Hoffkids technology. Victoria has had such a great year, and we are truly grateful that she was lucky to have you as her teacher. You have been an inspiration to my daughter and to me, who hopes to get certified to teach one of these days!"

-Andrea Galvez


"The signs of a great teacher is someone who makes students realize their own potential. That is what you did for our son this year. You challenged him, inspired him, taught him to think out of the box, and made him want to excel. What more can a parent ask for? One day when he is asked what made him into who he is, I know he will mention your name (hopefully our names will come before you...but you never know).

Keep doing what you do in class and with Hoffkids because you are great at it."

-Jeanine and Paul DiLillo


"We just wanted to tell you how much we appreciate what an amazing, dynamic teacher you are, all the time you dedicate to Hoffkids, and all the practice problems we just did that Alyssa is grateful to have. I have seen an unbelievable change in my child's confidence in math and science from the beginning of the year to now. Thanks for everything. It has not gone unnoticed. Thank you."

-Leo and Vanessa Alvez


"Happy 10th birthday to your website! I know it has been a tremendous resource for Katherine, and because she uses the website so independently, I'm sure I don't even realize all of its benefits. I think Hoffkids is a fantastic example of how online learning can complement excellent teaching by increasing instructional time without adding hours to the school day, by creating additional avenues for differentiated instruction, and by compensating for the limited budget for supplies, equipment, and technology. I think it is important that we acknowledge outstanding teachers, publicize their achievements, and take meaningful steps to replicate their successes.

Wishing you and Hoffkids continued success!"

-Melissa Kirgis


"My husband and I must thank you for your tremendous ability to engage and inspire the students while keeping the parents in the loop! Our daughter Margaret says you are the finest teacher she had ever had! She loves being in your classes and respects and admires your style, sense of humor, and ability to teach both math and science subjects. In her words 'you rock.'

Thanks tons for your talent, compassion, and dedication to our children."

-Patricia Harper


"Jackie and I want to personally thank you for being such an effective educator. We truly believe that, in large part, your dedication and creativity have been components of Max's successful transition from elementary school, and his academic achievement.

Your techniques and passion have set a foundation for learning and inquiry in Max that, as parents, we could have only dreamed of. Hoffkids became a key source of learning even when Max thought he was being entertained.

Math and Science are more important today than they have ever been in our education system and Hoffkids aims to meet those needs in a cutting edge and revolutionary way. We thank you for setting such a positive experience for Max in these subjects. We know that he will always look back on 6th grade with great fondness."

-Adam & Jackie Popper


"My name is Sarah and I am a Girl Scout Troop Leader out in Colorado. My girls have been using your website,, and brought to my attention how helpful it has been for their fun project at camp! As a thank you, one of the girls, Danielle, suggested another resource for you about Optical Illusions to add to your Assorted Fun Zone.

We would like to thank you again for the wonderful resources, and hope that you add our newly discovered resource to your page! Let me know if you add it, as I would love to show her the suggestion on your site. It would be a great motivator for her peers to see too!"

-Sarah Wood


"Thank you for a great school year for Lucy. Thank you also for making learning fun and interesting. She enjoyed both your math and science classes and often shared things from class and Hoffkids with great enthusiasm. Hoffkids was used not just by Lucy, but her 7th grade brother and 3rd grade sister (she even did a Glogster presentation in her class last week). Thanks for helping Lucy adjust quickly and feel at home at school."

-Jon and Heather Hurt


"You have really produced a more than cool website. Freeway Pro is also my editor of choice, so I am really impressed with the result of Hoffkids. With greetings from Germany."



"Thank you for such a fabulous year. Jake really enjoyed being in your classroom and thrived there. Please know that you not only provided a rich and exciting learning environment, but you also provided a strong foundation for Jake and all of your students to build on for the rest of their lives. This was achieved in the classroom and through your creation; maybe not even in a way you intended.

Not only is Hoffkids a cool and practical website, but it showed the kids that everything can evolve and improve and the learning continues well into adulthood. You personally showed them that you still were interested in learning and improving. You took an already fun and interesting website and made it more fun, more interesting, more organized and even richer for 2012 and beyond. You showed them the importance of not resting on your laurels and staying stagnant. A very important life lesson."

-Michele Garfield (Wiener)


"Thank you for a wonderful 6th grade year. I was nervous about middle school on my first day, but your attitude was reassuring. I had many fun times in your class and spent hundreds of hours on Hoffkids. Your site was an amazing idea and keep doing what you are doing for the future students; it really works!"

-Max Levine, former student and fan


"You made it extremely easy for us (parents) to be involved from all the communication we received from you this year. Your enthusiasm, drive, and commitment to the kids was phenomenal. Whenever I tell other parents about your Hoffkids website, they are shocked. I hope you understand how important this is, and how rare it is to have a teacher create something so special for the students and parents. I hope you maintain this level of involvement when you add another 30 years to your experience. We truly appreciate your efforts."

-Judy and Jeff Miszner


"In an age where too many people find the time to always register complaints, it goes without saying that not nearly enough stop to applaud and express gratitude to those individuals whose efforts go beyond anything that can be expected of them. I believe you really have set yourself apart by your unique creation and learning tool known as '' On your site children can access help to current curriculum issues (h.w. help, test prep) as well as find fun learning devices such as puzzles, games, or general fun facts. We observed our daughter Clare not only log into the site to gain assistance during key study times, but more incredibly found her login on Hoffkids on weekends, late night, and even on vacations too! I must confess that I have even logged on to sample the lessons and try my hand at some of the puzzles on this incredible site too.

You have provided Clare with so much more than a strong grasp of 6th grade math and science. You have sparked enthusiasm while being a fine role model for all the students that doing more than what is expected of them is a lesson practiced and not just preached by teachers. I truly thank you for an unforgettable experience."

-Doron Nissan


"I am a girl from Long Island. On Google I typed in "math and science games" and this very website came up. I realize now that this site was a perfect hit. Keep up the good work!"

-Kiley Monacanshach, a satisfied visitor


"I enjoyed looking at your website with Sarah while she was visiting me in Colorado. It is an extremely well done website! I know that Sarah and her parents are very impressed with it as well."

-Myrna Sigman


"Your site is really cool and I love Hoffkids. You might not know me because I am not in your class, but I found out about Hoffkids by a friend of mine that your site is cool and unique, and I like the science section. It is the best, and the games are awesome. It really helped me a lot in science and I'm in the green house. Thanks a lot Mr. Hoffman. You rock!"

-Christian Castello


"Thank you for all the great links and resources on your site and the "secret" homework page too. Our son Mahon loves reading and science, and he has so many opportunities to grow those passions by interacting at Hoffkids."

-Jane Walsh


"I am the librarian at Smithfield Middle School in Virginia, and I would like to highlight Hoffkids in my next school wide newsletter and list your site on our resource pages. Thank you in advance for considering this."

-Pam Riddleberger


"Your site leaves me speechless--it is fun, comprehensive, and obviously a labor of love! Thanks for sharing it with the world."

-Mac McHale


"I think Hoffkids is awesome! Seriously, you really have a good way of giving out homework! Was this your system back in the Red House? Oh, and Mr. Hoffman, what inspired you to create I'd really like to know!"

-Luke Jeffrey, The Typing King


"Can you believe that I am going into 8th grade and I still go on Hoffkids daily? Back in 6th grade I used to play on Hoffkids every week! It is so interesting. I also loved to study with it because just sitting down and studying is so boring, but this is true fun!

I can come to Hoffkids to just have fun, or I can come for academic reasons. On your site, even things that involve learning are exciting. This website is such a rich way to have students learn better in a fun, cool way, and a way for kids to print out their homework instead of losing/stuffing papers into their backpacks. Keep the site going."

-Sydney Goldstein


"Jenna Worms invited me to check out your website...and I did. I love it! I am a third grade teacher with the NYC public schools, and while in the computer room last week, we checked out your site. The kids had a ball! Thanks for all the hard work!"

-Kathy Kilkenny


"I think Hoffkids is a really good web site for younger kids to learn on, but it can also help older kids too! Thank you for creating a learning web site for young and older kids! Thanks again."

-Abigail Robinson


"Many thanks for your noble work and amazing devotion to your students and your craft.  You are a real American hero and true inspiration!"

~ Jeff and Kim Lichtenstein


"To say that we are very happy to have you as Giuliano’s teacher and that we think you are the most stimulating 360 degree coach is an understatement. You are truly making a difference. Does Weber allow parents to go back to school so they can experience what they didn’t when they were in middle school?  I am very jealous ...we barely had calculators!!  

Thank you for your energy and for transferring it to the children."

~ Giacomo Provenzano


"Just want to send a million thanks to you for providing a smooth transition into 6th grade.  Your enthusiasm for math is contagious, and we feel lucky to have you this year!!!  I love hearing Finn’s stories about Mr. Hoffman’s class, you are obviously making quite an impression.  (He never told me stories about last year!!).   

Thanks a million!!!"

~ Abigail Meyer


"You taught my son Mahon Walsh, could it be 7 years ago?  He is a senior now and was just named a National Merit SemiFinalist (still in Port Washington, but at St. Anthony's HS in Huntington).  He also just posted a perfect 800 on the SAT 2 Math 2 test.... I credit you among others for his success.  And yet you keep teaching us.... I will ask him to watch this today (, as I still fight with him to be early to his work and to challenge himself to do more than the minimum.  Keep fighting the good fight, you are making a big difference in this world!   

With much appreciation,"

~ Jane Walsh


"I wanted to say thank you soooo much. Perry had the biggest smile today when she got her NYS math test result. She went from a 2 to a 4 in 6th grade thanks to Hoffkids Online Math Tutoring and all the help and time you gave to her :)))) Love seeing that smile and confidence."

~ Emma McLoughlin


"Thank you so much for a great year - John has found a real love for math in your class and is constantly striving to do better.  Your passion for the subject and for teaching has really motivated him to do the best he can. Thank you again for everything you do for the kids! While John might not be the loudest voice in the class, he certainly is one of your biggest fans."

~ Ellen Funk


"Your tremendous efforts this year really helped Sam and Sophia get the most out of 6th grade math. Your engaging learning tools and attention to each student's progress are really impressive. They have developed stronger math studying skills this year, which will benefit them in the coming years.

Adrienne and I appreciate your commitment and dedication to the success of your students, and the support and assistance you have provided Sam and Sophia."

~ David Kane


"Thank you for such a cutting edge experience. You created an environment that is ahead of its time that I'm only now seeing in corporate America. Such a great experience for Landon to learn in such a technically advanced way.

~ Damon Braider


"I have a feeling that once Sarina gets a taste for accelerated math and what her future in mathematics holds for her, she will develop a better appreciation for all you've done for her.  As her wiser parents, however, your knowledge of the subject coupled with your earnest dedication, tireless devotion, childlike enthusiasm, and spirited motivation and inspiration are not lost to us.

I first became aware of "Hoffkids" and the supremely dedicated teacher behind it three years ago during a parent orientation.  While my inexperience beyond the elementary school level was at its apex and the construct of Weber's houses was still foreign, it became apparent Weber was putting it's best face forward by having you as a presenter. When Sarina had the good fortune to be placed in your red house class, the promise was fulfilled beyond all expectation.

Thank you very much for all you've done to contribute to a productive and rewarding first year of middle school for Sarina." 

~ Robert Scaffidi


"Words cannot express how thankful we are for the wonderful year of math learning Dru experienced with you. Your patience, dedication and commitment to our kids is incredible and truly inspirational.

We were so lucky to have you for Dru's transitional 6th grade year, and we couldn't have asked for a better experience. He gained knowledge and most of all confidence in math, a gift of a lifetime!" 

~ Kerian and Chris Czarkowski


"It was a privilege to have you as a math teacher for our son Alex. Can't thank you enough for your creativity, energy, commitment and compassion you give to these kids and parents.

Thanks for bringing out the best in these kids.... it takes a lot and the effort really shows!!! They are lucky to be exposed to someone as dedicated and creative as you! You have left an imprint not only to the children who were fortunate enough but certainly left a greater mark on their parents.

I try to adopt your enthusiasm and dedication in the work I do and when met with challenges, remind myself how people like you stand out and make a difference every day in their career.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!"

~ Lynn and Avi Pelossof


"To have a teacher like you who eats sleeps and dreams Math is life changing.  Few and far between and I know from experience.

Thank you again and we are so proud of Zoe’s effort and determination.  She just needed to get the fire, and with your help, she did."

~Susan Edelblum


"Thank you for a wonderful year with Hoffkids Online Math Tutoring. You've given Ali much more than math knowledge. You have given her the self confidence to succeed. That is invaluable and even my sincerest thank you is truly insufficient.

At a time when I believe great teachers are under appreciated, you are a true role model for your profession. I wish you a happy summer 2017."

 -Peter Stein


"I just wanted to personally thank you. Your dedication to the students and Hoffkids math is amazing to both Gregg and I. Over and over again, you have gone above and beyond to help and assist Sammy in math, which is extremely challenging to him. Your patience with him personally and in his learning has really increased his confidence level and we are very grateful.

Rarely do you find a teacher who is not only as dedicated as you are, but also takes the time to get to know his students strengths and challenges and then spend the time working with them individually. Thank you very much! Sammy has really enjoyed having you as his math teacher.

It's not often you can "text" your teacher on Friday at 8pm about leaving a tip (percentage unit) and expect a response within minutes!

We are forever grateful!"

-Gregg and Danielle Rieber


"Thank you for your dedication, creativity, and enthusiasm for math and the students. I was never fortunate enough to have a teacher like you for any single year of math, but thankfully my son Noah lucked out. Reach out if we can ever provide a more formal endorsement for any reason that benefits you professionally.

A very sincere THANK YOU!!!"

-Paul Mauriello


"Mr. Hoffman, you are the hardest working teacher I have ever encountered. Thank you." 

-Theresa Hughes


"In a perfect world, teachers like you should be billionaires. Thank you for all your time and effort that you put into this!!!!" 

-Fylakti Baris