So what is Math Potatoes? Good question.

Math Potatoes is an easy to use interactive set of tools that Mr. Hoffman creates for his students, so that they can increase their personal level of understanding for certain 6th grade math topics. These interactive internet-based exercises include different types of questions, 100% customizable for the students. They are not "quizzes." Instead, they are a tool which centers on the student learning from their own mistakes through immediate feedback; 1 question at a time.

They help the student to grow, not assess what they already know. The exercises are designed for students to "quiz" themselves, and then to immediately correct their work from instant feedback specific to their answer. In addition, they can see a percentage score to see their areas of strength and weakness.

Math Potato question types include multiple choice, fill in the blank, multi-select, hybrid, gap-fill (with or without drop downs), ordering, and drag-and-drop matching. The questions can include text, graphics, .pdfs, video, and sound. There can also be an unlimited number of questions and the answers in each exercise can randomly change order each time the exercise is accessed. Of course questions can be repeated as many times as the student desires.

What are you waiting for?

Go ahead, give Math Potatoes an interactive try...


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